Thank you for your willingness to volunteer in the Baugo Community Schools.

To ensure the safety of our students and staff, you MUST complete the application packet and be APPROVED by the Superintendent's Office BEFORE you can begin your volunteer assignment.

Here is some information on how to complete the volunteer application packet:

1. Read the Volunteer Handbook thoroughly.The Volunteer Handbook is available on the school district website.

2. Volunteer Application

A. Page one provides basic information about you and your volunteer interests.

B. Pages two and three provide information about any past or current criminal or civil offenses. It
also gives permission for the district to conduct the background check. Please answer each question
completely and truthfully. Add an extra sheet of paper if necessary. Remember to sign and date at
the bottom of the page to indicate that all the information on your form is accurate and that you
have read, understood, and agreed to the guidelines included in the handbook.

C.Review Your Forms
Double-check to make sure you have filled out each form completely and that you have signed and
dated all forms in the packet.

D. Provide a Copy of your Driver's License
Attach one copy of your current driver's license, or other photo identification that includes your
legal name and date of birth. This helps to verify identity during the background check.

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering in the Baugo Community Schools!