National Honor Society

Eligibility Requirements:

In the Spring of Sophomore or Junior year, eligible students are invited to apply to NHS if they have maintained a 3.9000 weighted cumulative GPA or higher.  If students wish to accept the invitation and be inducted, they must submit evidence of the following...

1) Completion of a minimum of 20 leadership hours meeting the following criteria:  (a) The activity placed the student in a position of special responsibility (committee head, directing or planning an event, etc.), (b) The role required the student to facilitate effective communication between individuals and/or groups,  (c) The role required the student and his/her group to set a goal and create an action plan to achieve it.

2) Completion of a minimum of 20 service hours meeting the following criteria:  (a) Service activities are done on behalf of others (not including immediate family members, (b) No compensation - grade, class credit, monetary or other - has been given, (c) Service activities must be done outside the school day or during unscheduled time, (d) The primary intent of the activity is to aid and assist others for the good of the community.

3) Successful evaluation of the student’s character through a survey of the faculty.

Through this process, we ensure that students exhibit exemplary scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  These four elements are the pillars of the National Honor Society as set forth by the NHS National Constitution.

Time Commitment:

Minimum of 10 service hours per semester and attendance at monthly meetings.


Activities include fund-raising, charitable activities, and service to the school and community.