Military Appreciation Night!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jimtown vs. John Glenn Football Game
 Kickoff is 7:00pm

Please help us honor our military by donating a care package item at the game!

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Required Notifications

Under Indiana Code 357-IAC 1-16 all Indiana Schools are required to only use licensed applicators apply pesticides to areas where students can come in contact.  Pesticides can only be applied during non-school hours, when children are not present, unless special circumstances allow.  You may read details of the entire law by clicking this link:

To be compliant with the requirements of this law, Baugo Community Schools will list all of the pesticides that are being applied to areas that students come in contact with in a master file.  We will notify the public on our school webpage at least 48 hours prior to application unless one of the special circumstances apply.

Regional Turf will be at Jimtown High School on Sunday, September 6, 2015 to apply fertilizer with weed control on all sports fields Application report will be submitted pending completion of the job.


Here is a link to the documentation of all applications:


Supply Lists and Back to School Night Information


Back-to-School Newsletter

Click on the icon at the left to get an electronic copy of the Back-to-School Newsletter.


Marching Band Mattress Fundraiser Set for September 13, 2015

The Mattress Fundraiser for the Jimtown Marching Band will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2015 from 10-5 in the main gym at Jimtown High School. The Marching Band does this to help raise money for the marching show and instrument needs.
The way that the day works is the mattress company brings in mattresses and they set up the gym like a store. The mattresses are cheaper than those sold in a traditional store because there are no overhead costs for the mattress company. They are high quality, name brand mattresses for a very reasonable price. If you have any questions, you may contact Kathy Baughman at 574-295-2343 ext. 318 or



Spring Recognition Newsletter

Click on the icon at the left to get an electronic copy of the Spring Recognition Newsletter.


Girl's Golf Team to Begin Competing

For the first time in school history, Jimtown will be putting together a girl’s golf team to play in the fall of 2015. Jimtown’s entry into the NIC this fall is a perfect time for this to happen. We are excited that we have an opportunity to add our 8th girls sport at Jimtown.
If you are interested in trying out for the team…we have some exciting opportunities for you to play golf this summer for FREE and possibly get a free ride to the golf course to practice. Jimtown’s home course is at McCormick Creek Golf Course in Nappanee. McCormick Creek has offered our new girls golf team the chance to play and practice over the summer there FREE of CHARGE. Interested girls will still need their own golf clubs. We also need to provide McCormick Creek a list of names of girls who are potential team members of the new Jimtown Golf Team so that they can identify you when you come to the course.
Any girls that are potential members of the girls’ golf team can get their name on that list by doing one of the following:

1. Sign up in the athletic director’s office
2. Email Athletic Director Nathan Dean at

Play and practice as much as you want over the summer at McCormick Creek. Jimtown will also have organized practice sessions throughout the summer. Coach Elli will provide a school van to transport interested girls to the course on Tuesdays throughout the summer beginning on June 9th. Girls will have a chance to get on the driving range, practice putting green or play rounds of golf, at no charge. The practice time on those days will involve an 11am departure from JHS and a 3:00pm return.

Here are some important dates that you need to know if you want to try out for the new girls golf team at Jimtown High School:

 June 5th…last day of school for 2014-2015. Get your name on the list for free summer golf before you leave for the summer.
 June 9th…first Tuesday summer golf workouts with Coach Elli. (you can go on your own anytime you wish all summer for free—Tuesdays will be the only day Coach Elli will have transportation and organized coaching)
 July 31st ….first official IHSAA practice day. As of this date, all athletes will need to have their IHSAA pre-participation physical completed and all forms turned in.  Pick them up in the main JHS Office.
 August 7th….our first golf match of the season.


Staff E-Mail Access On Website

Staff: You may now access your Baugo E-Mail Account by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of the Home Page and then immediately clicking on "Staff E-Mail Access."  This will take you to the Baugo E-Mail Site and you may then access your e-mail there.


Sign Up for Web Alerts for Athletics

Spring Sports at Jimtown will soon be taking off.  Once we get going, the spring season is full of games almost every night of the week for the month of April and May.  In addition, spring storms and other weather makes it a challenge with cancellations, postponements and rescheduling of events.  Communication with student-athletes and parents is key.
If you have not seen it yet, our new athletic department website will be a HUGE tool for us to use in this regard.  There will be articles, live schedules, photo galleries and other things that will be updated all season long in all sports.  The articles also get published to our associated Jimtown Athletics Facebook and Twitter accounts.  It is a great way to stay in touch with what is going on in the world of Jimtown Athletics. 
There is also a brilliant,  built in tool called "Web Alerts" that you as a parent can sign up for.  Web Alerts allows you to subscribe by putting in an email address or cell phone that you would like to be alerted with in the event that a schedule changes, there is a rain-out, or any other information that you need to know about quickly with regards to your son or daughter's teams.  The great thing is that you can subscribe to ONLY the team or level that affects your kids.  In other words, there will be no information to sort though to see if the cancellation applies to your son or daughter's team.  If your son or daughter is in (for example) JV Baseball, you would only see information coming to you regarding changes in the JV Baseball Schedule.
Check it out and get signed up by going to and click on the text that says "Sign up to Receive Team Alerts via email or Text"...which is about 1/3rd of the way down the page.  It's easy, quick and you will always be in the "know" this spring should there be schedule changes or anything like that.


2013-2014 Annual Report Released

The 2013-2014 Annual Report for the Baugo Community Schools has been released.  Pleae take a few moments and  click on the Report Card icon at the left to take a look at the outstanding work that our students and staff are doing.


The Power of Yet!

This is the first in a series of brief TED Talks videos about education that we thought might peak the interest of staff and the community.  This video cameo's Dr. Carol Dweck and her thinking about "...the power of believing that you can improve."  Click on the icon at the left to view the video.


Mail-In Voter Registration Form Available

The Indiana Election Commission recently approved a new mail-in voter registration form. IC 3-7-24-7 provides that each public secondary school is a designated distribution site for these forms. Click on the Register to Vote Icon at the left for a copy of the form.


Parent's Guide to Social Media

 It can be overwhelming for parents to try and understand the dozens of social media networks teens are using today to talk to each other and this is why Liahona Academy created this Social Media Guide for Parents. To see a copy of the complete guide click on the folowing link:




Affordable Internet

If your child is eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program, you may qualify for affordable internet  from Comcast.  Click on the Comcast icon for complete details.


Affordable Telephone

Lifeline is a federally funded program that helps income-eligible consumers afford local telephone service. The program is administered by local telephone companies and provides a monthly discount on basic telephone services for eligible customers.  Click on the telephone link at the left to find out more information.


BudgetNotices.IN.Gov Launches to Assist Taxpayers

Dear Baugo Community Schools Taxpayer,

I would like to inform you of a new online tool that will allow you to attend and stay involved with the budgets of your county, city, towns, townships, libraries, special districts, and schools. This past spring, the Indiana General Assembly passed House Enrolled Act 1266. This allowed for the development of a new central website, BudgetNotices.IN.Gov, where taxpayers can search to find their local government’s budget notices. Previously, the only way to find this information was to review the notices in your local newspaper.

Taxpayers will be able to view all local government units in Elkhart County, search by your address, or use an interactive map tool.

Why is this important to you?

As a taxpayer in Elkhart County, you have the ability to view budget notices in one central online location. This allows you to have advance notification and increase the transparency of your local unit’s budget process. These notices can be viewed any time, day or night. Additionally, if you want to look at the budget notices for multiple areas, you can do so using this one website.

Taxpayers that do not have Internet access or have difficulties with the website may contact the Department of Local Government Finance at (888) 739-9826 and request a paper copy of the notices for their local government units.

For specific questions related to a budget item, please contact Mr. Bruce Perry at 574-293-8583.

BudgetNotices.IN.Gov is available on the Indiana Gateway for Government Units. It is also available on our website on the “About” page under “Department of Finance Gateway.” The Gateway is the primary collection and publishing tool for local government units submitting their required reports to the State of Indiana. It has the benefits of digital collection into a robust data warehouse and immediate accessibility by taxpayers.  Please take advantage of this extremely useful tool.


Jim DuBois, Superintendent

Baugo Community Schools


What Does It Mean To Be A “Jimmie?”

Baugo Community Schools welcomes new branding and a new logo this school year. The question is: What does it mean to be a “Jimmie?” 

Like every hardworking railroad worker:

  • a Jimmie is dependable;
  • a Jimmie confronts life's challenges courageously;
  • a Jimmie understands the power of working together and does not let the team down;
  • a Jimmie plans for the future and knows that what is done today affects what happens tomorrow;
  • a Jimmie applies the virtues of truth, trust, respect, and integrity to actions in life;
  • a Jimmie treats others as they would wish to be treated;
  • a Jimmie takes responsibility for their actions and does the right thing;
  • a Jimmie becomes stronger and smarter through trying, failing, learning, and winning;
  • a Jimmie is a leader; and
  • a Jimmie is dedicated to making the world a better place by compassionately serving others.


Onward Jimmies, toward the best school year yet. Go Big J!