Library: Frequently Asked Questions

At what time does the library open? When does it close?


The library is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:00am-3:00pm.  On Wednesday the library is open following the staff meeting at 7:30am.  Special arrangements can be made for extended hours with the Media Specialist  if needed.  

Where is the book catalog? The book catalog is located online
How many items may I check out at once? Two materials can be checked out at one time.
How much money will I owe if I return my books late? Fees are only charged to the student if the item is lost.  There are no penalties for late items.
Do I need to have my ID with me if I need to check out books? Yes.
Can I make copies in the library? The Media Center has a black and white printer available for student use.
Can I use library databases from my home computer? Yes, simply access the school webpage.
May I use the library computers to check e-mail Yes.
Do the library computers have word processing programs?

Yes, Open Office.

Does the library have a "Lost and Found?" No, all items are taken to the Main Office "Lost and Found."