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What's non-negotiable

  1. Stay seated, facing forward. 
  2. Stay quiet using "inside" voices. 
  3. Become silent at all railroad crossings and school bus stops.
  4. Keep windows above or at the halfway point. 
  5. Never put anything out of the windows. 
  6. Stay out of the danger zone around the bus. 
  7. Keep all belongings in a bag when loading or unloading. 
  8. Never distract the bus driver from the roadway. 
  9. Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.  


Be Safe

Bus Stops

  1. Adults at bus stops keep students safe. Please be there. 
  2. Teach children the basics of crossing the road. Look left, right, then left again.
  3. Make sure traffic is stopped before crossing any road or boarding a bus. 
  4. Be at the bus stop early. 
  5. Keep all belongings in a bag. Every object must fit in a bag and be small enough to sit on your lap or between your feet.  
  6. Wait away from the road. 
  7. Don't approach the bus until the driver waves you and not until you have made sure it's safe. 
  8. Never run after the bus! 
  9. When exiting a bus, stop on the last step and look for cars. Follow all directions of the bus driver.
  10. WEAR REFLECTIVE CLOTHING! Make sure you can be seen.


* Adults: FYI, an adult is never allowed on the bus unless invited by the driver. Entering a school bus is trespassing and against the law. 


Riding the bus

This part is simple. Please teach your children to: 

  1. Take a seat. 
  2. Stay in the seat.  
  3. Use inside, quiet voices. 
  4. Be kind to one another. 
  5. Keep the bus clean, no litter. 
  6. Keep everything inside the bus, nothing goes out the bus window. 
  7. Pay attention to the route and know when to get off the bus at their designated stop.  
  8. And, most importantly, let the driver focus on the road. Every distraction made to the driver is a threat to safety.  
  9. And, even more importantly, respect the bus driver responsible for everyone's safety.
  10. Teach children to obey authority and the adult in charge.